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Custom engine with chiptuning on dyno in Normandy at Caen. Online files service chiptuning development center for the world.


Active Motion, we love tailored work. That's why we develop our files ourselves in our engine chiptuning center, so we can offer you the best possible quality. This work requires more time. We are official resellers "WinOLS reseller" and WinOLS official license. We are also always looking for the latest news. In our workshop, transparency and loyalty are our virtues. Whatever the brand of your vehicle we hope to see you soon in our shop.

                                                                           Jean Baptiste, Director

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Our Philosophy

The reason we entered the automotive market for 12 years is to offer a service primarily oriented towards performance and reliability. We are able to offer you a significant amount of service to ensure the optimization of all types of vehicles. The key words that prevail here are PASSION, MOTIVATION and LISTENING.

                                                                                   Nonock, Engineer


The benefits of tuning


Step 1

The first step performed on your vehicle is to make sure that it does not directly present a damage or a detectable defect with our diagnostic tools. An essential step to not jeopardize the smooth running of our project. The next step on Dyno allows us to go even further.

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Step 2

After strapping the vehicle, we conduct a series of power bench tests with the original vehicle. These tests allow, as at the manufacturer, to ensure that everything works properly and that the engine is in perfect condition. If one detects a power deficit, it is that there is certainly either fouling or wear or failure that we diagnose at the moment

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Step 3

It is at this stage that most of our added value comes. We are modifying the data contained in the engine mapping software to optimize performance. This is the longest step because our development center carries out internal validation of the projects. We are looking for optimal values ​​to meet all of our quality criteria

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